Sunday, April 19, 2009


i walked down towards the beach, the wind lightly blowing my hair in the breeze. i grabbed a lounger and sat there in silence for a while, i was going to Kansas tonight and i to just relax before that.

"Hey," Grace said as she sat down into the lounger next t me. She handed me a Coco-Chino Frap.
"THanks girl, i needed that," i took a longgg sip.
"So, are you excited to go back and visit?" Grace asked reaching into her Juicy tote.
"Yah," i said. Grace pulled out her iphone and a magazine.
"My mom wants me to go see her, but i really don't want to and i don't know what to say."
"That sucks... i have no idea what i would do," i sighed.

After a while we got super board and went to go play beach volleyball. It was really fun, the volleyball girls were playing, and they were REALLY good.

After that we walked back to my dorm to go swimming, and there was a note on the door...

We ran upstairs focused on the surprise. We opened the door, "ROOF!" OMG!

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