Monday, April 27, 2009


Wearing: Juicy Track Suit
Hair: Straight and down with a small braid pulled back.
Mood: really dizzy still and headache:(

okay sooo today not so fun.

we were playing badmitten in stupid PE class and i was leaning back trying to get that birdie thing and i lost my balance and fell back smacking my head against the wall, and it knocked me out for like 5-ish seconds but i didn't tell the nurse that cuz i didn't want to go home. but she made me call my mom to tell her i was okay (pshh.) and so i did and then i left a message, she called back and then she was asking me these questions and then she decided to come get me and take me to the hospital. 

and then they said i could take a CT scan (but apparently there is a ton of radiation 1 ct scan = 60 xrays) so that freaked me out and then i decided that it wasn't that bad and that i didn't need one (thank god!) but he said i had a minor concussion. so yahh. i'm out for PE cuz stuff like that can make it worse apparently. yepp well hope you like that set! toodles!

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