Sunday, April 19, 2009



"OMG, AGHH!" i screamed in excitement reaching towards the miniature white goldie!
"Aww, she's adorable!" Grace excalimed in excitment!
"What should i name her?!" i asked holding the pup in my arms.
"Hmm, name her... Nicole but call her Nikki," Grace said reaching to pet her.
"I like that, Nikki," i said.

There was a basket full of dog stuff, collars, leeshes, food, water and food bowels, etc...

Grace and i walked over to the Juicy Boutique closet to my dorm. We went to the dog section and got all these cute dog clothes, toys, beds.. etc.

"Aww!" Lindsay said from the register. She ran over to us and pet Nikki.

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